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Wild and willful, Madeline had run rings around the besotted men who fell for her wicked blue eyes and black mane of hair. Until she met Dominic Stanton.Their scandalous affair and broken engagement had sent Madeline running, crushed by a man who took his revenge in the most public of ways.But now Madeline had returned, poised and controlled, her inner fire hidden--to everWild and willful, Madeline had run rings around the besotted men who fell for her wicked blue eyes and black mane of hair. Until she met Dominic Stanton.Their scandalous affair and broken engagement had sent Madeline running, crushed by a man who took his revenge in the most public of ways.But now Madeline had returned, poised and controlled, her inner fire hidden--to everyone but Dominic. And now, somehow, two passionate adversaries would try to end the bitterness that had driven their families apart. But both knew it was a dangerous game.......

Title : Passionate Scandal
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ISBN : 9780373116959
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 187 Pages
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Passionate Scandal Reviews

  • willaful
    2019-06-30 00:20

    This is so dated and confused, I can barely believe it was pulished in 1994 instead of 1974. The mixed messages around sex are crazy-making -- it might be trying to be sex-positive, but it comes off really negative. Didn't work for me at all.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-07-14 19:02

    This was a very good lovers reunited romance. I think for a short book, it successfullydelves into and explores what makes a relationship between two people who truly love each other fall apart. Sometimes it's a complex mix of internal and external forces. In the case of Madeline and Dominic, it was insecurity, differences in age, and fears on how that affected their relationship, and too much interference from their family in their relationship.I liked that neither was perfect and neither was demonized. Neither was the bad guy who destroyed their relationship the first time around. Madeline was young and willful, and Dominic was presumptuous and controlling. Eventually that worked against their first chance at love. But four years later, they are able to see past all that and find the strong chord of deep love between them and refuse to allow their insecurities, pride and fears stand in the way. I truly liked that about this story. I love that idea that two people who truly love each other will get the chance to be together, and I like that Ms. Reid delivered that in this book. I also loved the intensity between them, that strong, fierce emotion that neither could deny. Even four years later, it was so strong that they couldn't move on with other people. That love drew them back together.This was a quick, involving read. Not just a momentary diversion, but involving me emotionally in the story. Normally with lovers reunited, I feel like more than anything there is too much angst and repercussions about why it didn't work the first time, and this doesn't draw me into a story. I prefer the first contact and the build of their relationship to the happy ending. In this case, I found it interesting to see how they were able to get past what went wrong in the past and work it out in the future. The layers intrigued me and kept me enthralled in the story. I saw a lot of growth and maturity in both Madeline and Dominic, and I appreciate that. Of course the HP drama and zing also makes for a good read for me. Another thumbs up book by this author on my keeper shelf.

  • KC 2.0
    2019-07-14 01:13

    So it's Madeline's fault that Dominic couldn't handle her? That was the old-fashioned, negative message I absorbed. Dominic wasn't sure how to handle Madeline's "wildness" (she wasn't that bad). (view spoiler)[Although engaged, Madeline and Dominic hadn't consummated their relationship yet. Dominic was afraid of making love to her before they were married. She was 18 to his 28 years. Madeline set to correct that lack by seducing Dominic. (hide spoiler)] Because of this he spanked her in retribution, which eventually led to the dissolution of their engagement. Sorry, but what adult person treats their fiancé this way? Dominic overreacted, and could have just explained the fears behind his motivations. In trying to discipline Madeline, it was Dominic who looked like the immature one in my eyes.In the end, I finished this book feeling more indifferent than anything else.

  • Alexis-Morgan Roark
    2019-07-13 23:16

    There was a LOT going on this book. So much so, that I think the love story suffered. Maybe it's just me. I think if some of the subplots were taken out or maybe scenes, I don't know. There just seemed to be too much going on for me to care enough about two characters you really should care about.Also, there was a lot of build up to the "scene" that changed everyone's lives, and I was left a little deflated. Oh, it was dramatic and stuff, I guess I was just expecting a little more.The love story, however, was fun to read if a tad bit angsty.

  • Janice
    2019-07-21 21:54

    they were engaged but broke up, now it is 4 years later

  • sbf20112011
    2019-07-06 20:02

    Yes, some of the plot points were a little confusing/outdated, but I still say this is a great Reid book. So much emotion/angst, I really loved this one -- it's one of my favorite HPs.

  • Tia
    2019-06-30 01:05

    Omg, I loved it. Totally and completely. It was everything it needed to be and more.

  • Megzy
    2019-07-08 00:22

    It would have been a 4.5 stars if he didn't slap her back and I do usually take more than 0.5 point off for something similar in other books but it seems the spanking and slapping her right back was needed to show how out of control she made him feel at times.

  • Devika Deuri
    2019-06-26 01:04

    Michelle Reid is my go to author when I need a quick four hour long angst fix. I don't get too heavily invested, everything's predictable and the too-good-to-be-true HEA being imminent, it's only a question of 'how' rather than 'why'. But that wasn't the case here. I'm precisely halfway into the novel and I'm too disgusted by it to continue. I had never given up a Michelle Reid novel...until this one.The FP is a magnificent troublemaker who's only eighteen when the scandal took place. That's four years ago. The MP is over ten years older than her. He's supposed to be a grown up but it doesn't reflect in his actions. Usually Reid's heroes are super possessive alpha males, terribly sexist but inherently good human beings who seduce rather than slap . This one spanks his fiancee when unable to tame her. Knowing they'd end up together then, I couldn't read through to find out the 'how' of it. I do not want to invest a minute more in a novel where I can respect neither the MP nor the FP. It's no Wuthering Heights after all!

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-07-19 22:52

    An immature and spoiled young woman is humiliated by her fiancé and runs away. Four years later they meet again and start to mend their relationship. I enjoyed it.

  • Peg Miller
    2019-06-29 18:09

    Rather boring...couldn't really care about either Dominic or Madeline. Not one of my favorite Michelle Reid books.

  • Tiffany
    2019-06-27 19:04

    4 StarsThis book didn't get very high ratings but I liked it. This was a cute and quick story with just the right amount of angst.

  • Missy
    2019-07-19 22:52

    A nice read packed with angst, drama, and passion.One summer while playing in the pool Maddy and Dominic look into each others eyes and time stopped. Lots a tension and sexual awakening in that scene. Dominic takes the lead and asks her out. Still reeling Maddy agees. Thus begins their hot and heavy courtship with everyone pushing them or offering advice, which starts confusing them.Maddy and Dominic both have ideas on how their relationship should go but they starting loosing track of it and forget to talk. Maddy wants to go all the way and he doesn't. She starts wondering if he really loves or wants her. Being older Dominic is trying to slow things down but never explains his reasons to her. More confusion. The young Maddy tries to seduce him and he rejects her. Rejecting her hurts him but once again he does not talk to her. Yes, she is young and innocent (which is reason he is trying to protect her, right??), then he should be explaining the whys to her.Wow! He spanks her because she is being a child. Really! What kind of fiance spanks their woman? That gets her mad and she retaliates and hurts him. But she tries to make amends and then he humilates her in bad.She runs away to America where she matures and vows that no one will ever hurt her like that again or cause a major scene. She likes to be in control of her emotions and enviroment. Going back to England for her step-sister's wedding, family and friends are shocked by the new Maddy. Gone is the happy glowing bouncy girl full of adventure. Dominic has not been idle either in the bank or his social life. Maddy really displays some amazing maturity and determination to resist his idea of a fake relationship to help bring their families together again. She shows him that it all can be done without getting everyone excited over a 'fake' relationship. You can just feel his disappointment!There is not a POV from his standpoint but he displays some amazing emotions that you don't need to wonder what he is thinking or feeling.The ending comes together so sweetly and just finishes this book off so nicely. This was an absolute wonderful book!

  • Roub
    2019-07-01 22:16

    what an awesome read! i love everything about the book ! yet i wish more drama near the end and dats why i minused one star. i dunt believe Dominic was responsible for their breakup. Madeline behaved abominably. she behaved like a bitch and a slut ! ofc she did not deserve the spanking she got but what she did after, as retaliation, blew things out of proportion. she proved she was highly volatile, out of control and cud easily cheat on Dominic if she had enough provocation. it was highly commendable of Dom dat he still loved her after four years of separation. he was angry she had escaped from the situation because had not held grudges for long. he had always loved her and forgave her for her impulsiveness and volatile temper. this book definitely tops my list of favourites. i dunno how i missed it before. this was full of angst and rich in highly charged emotions. another little treasure from Michelle Reid!

  • Lede
    2019-07-18 23:14

    Boring, before and after finding out what actually happened to send her fleeing.

  • Shakira
    2019-07-06 00:04

    1.5 stars

  • L H
    2019-06-22 02:10


  • Shakira
    2019-07-11 19:52

    1.5 stars