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Investigating two related crimes involving a Russian immigrant's loss of $1.6 million and a drug smuggler's murder, trial attorney Jake Lassiter finds himself on the tropical islands of Hawaii, where he becomes entangled with a deranged windsurfer. Reprint. NYT. Hard cover edition published as Slashback. Paperback edition is retitled Riptide....

Title : Slashback
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ISBN : 9780380721627
Format Type : Paperback
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Slashback Reviews

  • Dee
    2019-06-13 11:25

    Two-haiku review:Client's bonds stolenJake running sailboading raceTwo plots connectedLots of violenceJake's idealism showsPeople aren't worth it

  • Craig Pittman
    2019-05-29 17:42

    I raced through this book -- not because I was eager to see what happens next, the way I usually am with a Paul Levine book. No, I was eager to finish this stinker and move on to another book. What a disappointment! I've read several of Levine's other books -- both the ones about Miami linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter and the ones about bickering legal eagles turned lovers Solomon & Lord -- and they all have been delightfully wacky and wild, with plots that are hard to predict. Levine, a former reporter turned South Florida attorney, had apparently stockpiled a huge collection of hilarious anecdotes and observations about his old professions and trotted them all out in the course of telling the other stories.But not in this book. "Slashback" lacks the fun and sly wit of the other novels. Lassiter seems dull and disengaged through most of the book, and there's little interaction with his usual gang of sharp-tongued supporters (Doc Riggs, Grandma Lassiter etc.) Part of the problem, too, is that Levine abandons the first-person narration that has served him well in the other books in favor of a third-person voice that puts the reader at more of a distance from the action and emotions. Part of the problem too is that about halfway through the book, the action moves to Bimini and then to Hawaii, so there's no chance for the usual Levine witticisms about South Florida life. And while Levine includes a number of nice action sequences, there's only one courtroom scene and it's over within a couple of pages. The worst part, though, is that there's not much of a mystery at the heart of his plot. Anyone who has read other thrillers can predict what's going to happen next, and figure out who the bad guys are. Levine has a new Lassiter novel out now. I sure do hope it's more like the other books of his that I've read, and not at all like this one.

  • Mike French
    2019-06-11 18:16

    Very enjoyable read! Paul Levine has done it again writing a fast-paced Lassiter novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

  • Steve Black
    2019-06-02 11:23

    OK, so Jake Lassiter novels aren't great literature but they sure are entertaining. The usual fast pace, client needing help, damsel in distress and hating the day job are reliably present as ever, and the story line is far-fetched. Still an enjoyable read and the comfort of most of the regulars.

  • Carl
    2019-06-12 14:34

    Not nearly as good as the others. I think I read somewhere this was a first book of his.

  • Veronica Lindsey
    2019-05-29 16:40

    Good, fast-paced thriller.

  • Robin Edman
    2019-06-20 14:37

    This may be a strange thing to take away from this book, but as I was reading, I was repeatedly struck with the breadth of knowledge that the author displays. He knows about lawyering and football, sure, but he also knows about windboarding and weather and geologic history, and you can tell from the words that he uses that he understand how things are built and how they come apart -- structures and people. And his Latin doesn't suck. It's a smart guy writing these books, about another smart guy who lets his heart drag him down into being a dumb guy because Jake Lassiter has seriously terrible taste in women. It's too bad, because he's almost exactly the guy I would pick for my sister to marry if I were queen of the world for a day. He would be a great catch, because he is loyal to the uttermost; you can try to pitch him off a cliff, and he'll try to see the good side of that, bless his heart. And he makes for a good read because you can sit there hoping he will figure it out, hoping that maybe you got it wrong, and she didn't really do that horrible thing that is breaking his heart. And you get all this without the book getting all touchy feely; I hate that! It's a plainly told story of a guy with a heart of gold that makes the girls want to rip it out of his chest.

  • Nancy Silk
    2019-06-15 13:29

    "A Rip Roaring Thriller"This is a fantastic, fast-paced thriller. It's a well-written story about Samuel Kazdoy, who once owned Corrugated Container Corp., founded in the 1920s. He's old but he still a workaholic. Violet Belfrey, a busty woman of undetermined age poses nude for Samuel as he has now a new camera. She had once been a stripper in Jacksonville, Florida. For her little performance, the old man gifts her the contents of one locked drawer of a file cabinet. It consists of bundles of legal papers and 'coupons,' redeemable the first of every month at any bank. Violet wonders what the heck she stuffed into her bag. It's a lot of money and she guesses there are more coupons in the other cabinet drawers. She and a friend plan to find out. Jake Lassiter is Sam Kazdoy's attorney, and he suspects Violet is up to some tricks involving Sam. He's right, and soon Lassiter will be tracking a killer from Miami to Bimini, then on to Maui. This is another thriller which is gripping and captivating. No one can entertain you better than Paul Levine's famous ... no, infamous character, Jake Lassiter. Highly recommend.

  • Rosemary Cantrell
    2019-06-16 11:36

    I really didn't like this book. I certainly won't bother reading and of the other of the Jake Lassister series. I thought the characters were not well-developed, despite what other reviewers seem to be saying. Jake was irritating and I really thought that someone who was supposed to be such a hot shot lawyer would have a brain or two. I thought he was naive and ridiculously dense, especially regarding the girl. Even the plot was boring. There were good elements here that might have developed into an interesting story and interesting characters, but it sure didn't happen for me!

  • Lynnette Phillips
    2019-06-22 13:40

    Not his best!It got so I had to read the next Solomon & Lord novel by Paul Levine. They were, well, basically fun and exuberant; I could even imagine two of my favorite actors, Tracy & Hepburn, in the title roles.I didn't find any of those qualities in Riptide. I even began to wonder if I'd mistaken the author for someone else.In all fairness the book started out impressively with well developed characters and a plot with great potential. Then my interest began to peter out. I lost the `what's going to happen next' anxiousness as the action became just too predictable.I'm sorry Mr. Levine, I was so looking forward to a new favorite.

  • Milton Partain
    2019-06-10 12:25

    Good read The first Jake Lassiter I've read and I will read more in the series . Jake meets up with various denizens of Miami in his practice as a lawyer who is constantly in trouble with his more traditional partners . He gets involved in the theft of valuable bonds , a blowsy over the hill blonde and her loser boyfriend rip off an old friend of Jake and lose them to a pair of unscrupulous wind surfers from Hawaii . Jake gets to participate in his favorite pastime of wind surfing as he chases from Miami to Bimini to various Hawaiian islands .

  • Joe
    2019-06-09 14:18

    another in the series about "Jake Lassiter", Miami Dolphin linebacker-turned trial lawyer. Follow his exploits from windsurfing in the Miami helping to recover millions in stolen bonds from his old friend, "Sam Kozdoy" and across the country to the island of Maui. ALong the way he meets Lila Summers, a windsurfing pro in her own right, performing "Slashbacks" on breaking waves and her on again, off again boyfriend, Keaka Kealia. Adventure at its best.

  • george agle
    2019-06-18 16:40

    A Cautionary TaleDo any of us love the whole person we love? Or do we cling to those ghostly first impressions that become , to us, the corner stone of their identity? Jake Lasseter loved the illusions youth and beauty. In the end, I don't think he cared.This book has a lot of action, violence, and death. I recommend it to you if you are feeling strong and a little philosophical.

  • martin
    2019-06-20 11:33

    Couldn't make up my mind at first whether to give this 2 or 3 stars - I'm not a big fan of thrillers where the good guys and occasionally also the bad guys are physically greek god/goddess types (i like gritty reality in my crime novels maybe). However, the story does zip along and is entertaining and well constructed. Finally decided on 3 stars when I saw the author actually participates actively in discussion of his books here on Goodreads. That has to be a good sign!

  • SimyCat
    2019-05-27 19:16

    Love this book and it kept my interest. Mr. Levine has created the character Jake Lassiter and each book in this series is about Jake, ex-pro football star now lawyer and all the things Jake gets himself involved in. The books keep me interested and I have found when reading I could picture the places described. I loved reading the series from beginning to current. I recommend this for those who like reading this type of book.

  • Ed
    2019-06-01 14:34

    #5 in the Jake Lassiter series.Miami lawyer Jake Lassiter is coordinating a major windsurfing race and has invited Hawaiian champ Keaka Kealia and his companion Lila Summers. His favorite theatre owner has $1.6 million in bond coupons stolen. A former colleague turned drug smuggler is forced to snitch for the DEA. All threads come together on a trip to Maui in search of the bond coupons and the sexy Lila.

  • Liz Wright
    2019-06-21 19:26

    I love the Jake Lassiter series but I have to say, the man makes poor choices when it comes to women. Now obviously there wouldn't be as long of a book if he didn't, but the gal in this book takes the cake so far in this series.I loved the beautiful descriptions of Hawaii and native cultures. The book was part history lesson, part fiction, which many in this series are. But maybe Jake should work on staying single and away from the ladies for a while.

  • Robbie
    2019-05-30 11:30

    This was well-written as are, in my opinion, all of Paul Levine's books that I've read. However, I didn't like this one as much as the others, Lassiter didn't seem to be the strong character he is in some of the others in the series. I've read 11 so far and plan to continue reading Levine's books.

  • Pamelyn
    2019-06-08 19:14

    I really like the Jake Lassiter character. And I usually laughed out loud when Levine is describing the law firm. I worked for lawyers for 8 years and have been married to one for 33. He is spot on. Temple of billable hours, indeed. Loved the descriptions of Maui. We were just there on vacation last year. This book would make a great movie, IMHO.

  • Tulay
    2019-06-09 15:35

    Good thriller series.Jack Lassiter didn't use his head, mistakes beauty for purity, he didn't use his head. Killings, money, but learned about a plant and read about it. This was the third book in these series, enjoyed the others more.

  • Veronica Sutton
    2019-06-05 11:36

    A first-rate page turner!Another thrilling Jake Lassiter story, from the courtrooms of Miami to the jungle in Hawaii. A great cast of characters. A little mystery, intrigue, and a lot of murder. How does Jake get himself into these predicaments? Enjoy.

  • Scott
    2019-06-03 11:44

    One of my favorite authors! I truly enjoy the Jake Lassiter character and the way Paul brings the settings to life! I also love how he always works a reference to Penn State and/or Joe Paterno into his Lassiter story lines.

  • Suze
    2019-06-18 19:21

    RIPTIDEThis is the first Jake Lassiter book l have read. He is an interesting character, but did seem a little shallow in his love interest. I will read more to see if he learns from his past. The insight into Hawaii was great, a lot of good info.

  • Scott
    2019-06-18 17:18

    One of my favorite authors! I truly enjoy the Jake Lassiter character and the way Paul brings the settings to life! I also love how he always works a reference to Penn State and/or Joe Paterno into his Lassiter story lines.

  • Arthur
    2019-05-31 17:18

    Riptide (Jake Lassiter #5)Not one of Jake's best reading for me. Lot's of action, usual Jake legal battles, but gets off the beaten path too many times. If you like more of the same, keep reading, but it's time for me to take on another writer.

  • Walt Mccluskey
    2019-05-29 14:40

    RiptideNot a typical Jake Lassiter book except for his philosophy as he stumbled to a conclusion. Historical rhetoric of Hawaii rather than most of Miami. The girl of his dreams definitely not one to be stuck on.

  • Tracy Mcallister
    2019-06-20 13:31

    Really enjoyed this. Fast paced action!

  • Michelle
    2019-06-01 17:28

    Jake Lassiter never disappoints! This series is always a funny, fast paced, enjoyable read.

  • Linda
    2019-06-16 14:42

    rec by roz all of his books are good

  • Rochelle Ward
    2019-06-16 17:17

    Catching up on Paul Levine's books. He's entertaining but not frivolous or silly. This is a good one!