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DC’s biggest and brightest heroes celebrate the holidays in this new special! Don’t miss a Chanukah crisis for Batwoman, a Flash family Christmas, Wonder Woman interrupting John Constantine’s hellblazing pagan party and more-including the return of Detective Chimp! Today’s top talents bring you a very special holiday gift that’ll keep on giving through the New Year! And wrDC’s biggest and brightest heroes celebrate the holidays in this new special! Don’t miss a Chanukah crisis for Batwoman, a Flash family Christmas, Wonder Woman interrupting John Constantine’s hellblazing pagan party and more-including the return of Detective Chimp! Today’s top talents bring you a very special holiday gift that’ll keep on giving through the New Year! And writer Paul Dini crafts a Harley holiday tale featuring DCU guests that bridges all the stories in the weirdest, wildest way....

Title : dc rebirth holiday special 1
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ISBN : 33384088
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 88 Pages
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dc rebirth holiday special 1 Reviews

  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    2019-06-23 21:12

    There's at least 10 different super short stories with different heroes and villains in here. As expected, they all aim to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While there might be a couple that do succeed in delivering a cute and cheerful story, a lot of them suffer from being too short and way too rushed to be worthwhile. The upside to this little volume lies also in its presentation of some of the heroes that people might not actually be following in their respective Rebirth runs. I particularly got pretty curious about Jonathan and Damian (definitely a duo that I look forward to read more on).The artwork also greatly varies from one story to another. While some are visually flashy and colourful, they all aim to accentuate that Holiday spirit. Lets not forget that Harley Quinn is your host throughout this short little collection. Between every chapter, Paul Dini writes up some quirky and jolly panels featuring her character and a bunch of other DC heroes and villains.Honestly, there's nothing that should be taken seriously about this volume. It's essentially a quick and easy Holiday Special for those hardcore fans that love to collect comics (I'm not sure if this collection will ever find itself in another bigger paperback, maybe they'll release a Rebirth Holiday Special volume once Rebirth concludes).Yours truly,Lashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog:

  • Chris
    2019-06-24 16:56

    Packed with heartwarming stories and vibrant artwork, this issue is a great read for the holiday season.

  • Artemy
    2019-07-09 22:54

    A sweet, but mostly unremarkable collection of short Christmas-themed stories from the DC universe. An OK seasonal read to get you into the holiday spirit.

  • Chelsea
    2019-06-29 19:07

    The whole thing gets a 3.5 but Superman & Batman in "The Last Minute" gets 5 stars. These were enjoyable. Not gonna lie, I read this mostly (ok entirely) for the Jon and Damian story which is the one I gave 5 stars. It was incredibly cute! You get such a great feel for the relationship between Damian and Jon and how that's progressed. There's an adorable Jingle All the Way esque subplot with Clark trying to buy the toy Jon really wants on Christmas Eve. He can't get it because Damian buys the last one and gives it to Jon. So incredibly cute! Also, there's also an adorable moment where Clark asks Bruce if he would like to play. Loved this! The others weren't memorable enough to really like or dislike. "For The Dog Who Has Everything" was clearly a metaphor for Jon maybe feeling distant from his Kryptonian heritage. It was okay but nothing that really moved me. Batman &a Detective Chimp "The Night We Saved Christmas" did absolutely nothing for me. Wonder Woman &a Constantine in "Dreaming of a White Christmas" was pretty good. Not a lot was done with Diana. There's a interlude where she talks about the holiday traditions on Themyscira and that was great! I wish I could've gotten more of that. Flash "A Flash Christmas Carol" reads like a typical storyline I would expect from the Christmas filler ep on the CW show. I'm surprised no one said "God bless us everyone one" at the end. New Super-Man in "Day of Returning" was intriguing. I definitely want to check that character out. Batwoman "Light In Dark", the writing for Kate felt stilted which made me sad because I was actually interested in the plot. The Titans "What a Year For a New Year" was pretty okay. Roy talking about his addiction was moving. Batgirl & Nightwing "I Don't Wanna Be Late" was cute but literally a footnote. Not sure why they even bothered including it. Green Lanterns "The Epiphany" was Simon and Jessica going through trials to prove they can be Green Lanterns. Full confession, I've never been interested in Green Lantern stories. No matter who's holding the ring, I'm just not that interested. That being said, I'm sure there's something here for people who are interested in the Green Lantern.

  • Steven
    2019-07-03 19:57

    Much more upbeat & festive than 2017's entry

  • Nikki
    2019-06-22 22:53

    With 10 short stories in all, the DC Rebirth Holiday Special is a feel-good compendium of holiday adventures with some of our favourite DC heroes. The collection is narrated by Harley Quinn, who I thought was a great choice because she anchors the book with both humour and heart. They do a really good job of making her segments the connective tissue, sort of in a variety show gone wrong kind of way. I will admit, the first half of the anthology is the stronger of the two, but what all these stories have in common is tight storytelling that embraces the holiday spirit in a natural and sweet way. The artwork is consistent and vibrant, as one comes to expect from DC. At 88 pages, this is definitely a fun addition to add to your collection if you're willing to pay the steep price for some stellar hits and near misses.

  • Alan
    2019-06-30 21:54

    Do I have certain genres, and sub-genres that I'm a sucker for-yes. Christmas stories among those categories yes-I mean Christmas Carol is one of my favorite movies in many forms (including Bill Murray, Alistair Sim, etc.)And, in the comic realm DC usually does at least a mildly entertaining book the years they do a holiday special. Capitalizing on Harley Quin and Suicide Squad's popularity, Harley is the master of ceremonies in the framing story as multiple DC characters take the stage.Superman and Batman's stories are about what you expect as they are the light and dark of DC's heroes. Nightwing and Batgirl are in a nice one page short, and John Constantine's short has some fun moments. The Flash story was a nice entertaining surprsie. Is this great-no. Is is a decent read for those struggling to find some Christmas cheer this winter-yes.

  • Sedef Tekiner
    2019-07-18 18:04

    Neden böyle beklentiyle başladığım şeyler beni tatmin etmiyor anlamıyorum :(Batman, Constantine ve Flash hikayeleri hariç hiçbir hikayeyi beğenmedim. Hele ki o çizimler... Harley Quinn'e zahmet edip bir şey demiyorum bile.

  • Tony
    2019-07-21 19:52

    There's a couple of dud, leaden stories here but it's mostly good. The framing sequences are light and the Night We Saved Christmas story with Batman and Detective Chump was a joy.

  • Emmanuel Nevers
    2019-06-25 21:47

    This is everything right with the DC Rebirth. I loves the superman/batman story, green lanterns and the flash story!! This was the best thing to get me into the holiday spirit this year!

  • mike andrews
    2019-07-22 18:47

    Fun read. Something for everyone in it.

  • Nick
    2019-07-20 19:14

    Heartwarming and inclusive. DC has an amazing creative team.

  • CapesandCovers
    2019-06-27 00:56

    I love holiday specials, I always have, so when DC announced that they were doing one for Rebirth I knew I had to read it. There are 10 stories overall, one of which (Harley's) takes places throughout the anthology, since the whole thing is narrated by Harley Quinn. This special was pretty diverse in the holidays celebrated and there was quite an array of diverse characters in between the usual ones. I think there was more Superman and Batman/Batfamily stories than there were in the past, but then again that's the market DC has been actively trying to reach.I broke down the anthology to give a mini review of each separate story.A Very Harley Holiday by Paul Dini and Elsa CharretierThis was a weird story, partially because of how it needed to be written around the others, but also because of how Harley and other villains were just chilling at this superhero holiday party (in the Watchtower?). Ignoring that, the story itself wasn't anything special, just the usual New 52-esque Harley flitting about without pants (please give her clothes for fucks sake )and making somewhat rude comments in an attempt to be humorous. It is mentioned that Harley is actually Jewish, but rather than sticking to just that they seemed to have change things so she now celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas. The part with Wonder Woman's holiday traditions was just bizarre, and was written in the violent OOC behavior Azzarello and Johns had written her in at the beginning of the New 52. Please, stop writing her this way DC, you have other characters you can do this with. The Raven and Beast Boy part was kind of weird and random, but it felt like the current Teen Titans Go cartoon so I'm assuming that's why it was in there.Honestly, the only parts of this I liked were the brief Task Force X panels because of Deadshot, and the idea of Black Canary and Zatanna singing together. The art style was nice and minimalistic, and so was the coloring. 1/5 stars.Superman & Batman: The Last Minute by Tim Seely & Ian ChurchillAs someone who hasn't been acitvely keeping up with New 52 and Rebirth Superman this one was somewhat confusing. It was nice seeing Clark, Bruce and Lois together for the holidays, though the Jon thing still weirds me out. It was nice to see Damian with a friend though, and he had such nice hair. The art was so nice that the rating gets boosted from 1/5 stars to 2/5.Superboy & Krypto: For the Dog Who Has Everything by Eric Esquivel, Dan Jurgens & Norm RapmundThis felt out of place and held literally no meaning to me since I don't know or care about Jon or like kids. N/A or 1/5 stars.Batman & Detective Chimp: The Night We Saved Christmas by Heath Carson, Gustavo DuarteThis is that weird story out of the group, which makes one of the many reasons why I love holiday specials. It has great layout and the art has a great cartoon style without veering off into childish. The coloring was mostly solid block and it just worked so well with everything, The story itself seems to be an out of continuity team-up between Batman and Bobo, which makes it even better. 5/5 starsWonder Woman and Constantine: Dreaming of a White Christmas by Mariko Tomaki and Matías BergaraOther than the complaint that Diana has a little too much of a rude attitude (I swear I'm not THAT picky), I did really enjoy this one. Constantine has some great lines as per usual, and the art was okay. The color palette was such a great mood setter. 4/5 starsThe Flash: A Flash Christmas Carol by James Tynion IV and Robbi RodriguezI have no clue who Malcolm is, but this was classic holiday special material. This was such a Flash story, and I love when the relationships he has with The Rogues come into plot. The art didn't really do anything for me, but it wasn't bad either. This was truly one of those stories I live for. 10/5 stars.New Super-Man: Day of Returning by Gene Luen Yang and Andrea MuttiThis story held 0 meaning to me, since as stated before I haven't been keeping up with recent Superman comics. From what I could tell not much was really happening other than the New Super-Man being rude and some costumes that hurt my eyes. N/A or 0/5 starsBatwoman: Light in the Dark by K. Perkins and Paolo PantalenaI had some issues with the art for this one, I wanted to like it, but some of it was just too sexed up. Other than that, it was a mediocre story, I'm not sure who the Catlady/Oracle wannabe was, but she was interesting enough that I'd read something else with her in it. I've missed reading Kate. 3/5 starsThe Titans: What a Year For a New Year by James Asmus, Reilly Brown and Scott HannaThis was really reminiscent of the original Teen Titans cartoon in some ways, but in others it was similar to the old Titans runs too. Roy was kind of weird and OOC, and Ding Dong Daddy was the villain which has some nice tie-backs to it being a Roy-centric story. Overall nothing very special, the last page was the most interesting part. 2/5 stars Batgirl and Nightwing: I Don't Wanna Be Late by Bill Freiberger and Thomas PatilliI loved the idea of the formatting, and it actually worked out quite nicely. This was cute, and I enjoyed it despite my hatred for Batgirl of Burnside. In all honesty, if you ignore the costumes it could have easily been pre-reboot Batgirl Barbara. 3/5Green Lanterns: The Epiphany by Steve Orlando, Vita Ayala, V. Ken Marion and Mick Gray I haven't been actively keeping up with the Green Lanterns run, but I poke around and have a basic idea of what's been happening with Baz and Jessica. I don't think I actually needed to know about it though for this story. The plot itself is a bit questionable, but it reminded me of other older plots and made me nostalgic. 4/5 stars

  • Rodolfo Santullo
    2019-07-03 00:48

    Esta clase de antologías sirve a modo de paneo sobre todo lo que la editorial está haciendo, para descubrir tanto personajes que quizá no sean los tradicionales o mostrar las circunstancias nuevas de los personajes tradicionales, o también para dar a conocer a guionistas y dibujantes no del todo afianzados en el mainstream mediante una historia breve de pocas páginas. Lo que también suele ocurrir con estas antologías es que es muy difícil que entreguen buenas historias y, para colmo, al encontrarse DC en su no sé cuanto reseteo -fuera de joda, Rebirth? New 52? cuantas veces más van a hacer esto?- y por regla general, sus series tocando fondo, poco y nada deberíamos esperar de este especial navideño. Y, para qué seguir dándole largas, cuanto menos esperemos mejor nos irá, porque es olvidable en su inmensa mayoría. Para no meternos en historia por historia y perder el tiempo con material que no vale la pena, me voy a limitar a destacar lo bueno y lo salvable (siempre hablando desde mi opinión). Lo bueno no es bueno. Es MUY BUENO. Hablo del cruce entre ese bizarro personaje que es Detective Chimp y Batman en la historia The Nigh We Saved Christmas, de Heath Corson, Gustavo Duarte y Marcelo Maiolo. Fuera de joda, si este trío arrancara una serie del Detective Chimp en este tono, me anotaría de inmediato a seguirla. Bien calibrada en humor, acción y con unos dibujos geniales (como Duarte nos tiene acostumbrados a todos los que podemos ver sus laburos en Brasil). Luego, hay un par de historias pasables. Dreaming of a White Chrismas, tiene al (creo yo) inédito combo de John Constantine junto a Wonder Woman en una historia legible de Mariko Tamaki (que parecería precisaba alguna página más para desarrollar toda la idea) ilustrada como los dioses por mi compadre Matías Bergara (si piensa ud que no estoy siendo objetivo, lo invito a googlearla). A Flash Christmas Carol tiene una buena historia de James Tynion IV ilustrada por un pechofrío llamado Robbi Rodríguez, con un Flash repartiendo regalos. Y por último, la trama que mantiene unidos a todos los relatos, A Very Harley Holiday de Paul Dini y Elsa Charretier, tiene buenos chistes en la voz de la nueva gallina de los huevos de oro de DC, Harley Quinn. El resto, para el olvido. Y si en tu saldo de 11 historias, hay una muy buena y tres que zafan... no, no estaríamos llegando al aprobado ni por asomo.

  • Viry
    2019-07-07 19:07

    sooo cute. some stories i enjoyed more than others but that’s bound to happen in any short story collection.

  • Aly
    2019-07-07 17:12

    So much fun! I love seeing my heroes being human. What's more human than the holidays???

  • Mike Jorgensen
    2019-07-18 16:54

    Fun, but not quite worth the cover price.

  • Sevval
    2019-06-23 17:54


  • Patrick
    2019-06-23 17:04

    Hits and misses, as with any anthology.But that Flash story, though! I dug that one the most.

  • Adriana
    2019-07-14 17:51

    Cute and very much in the holiday spirit. It includes a story about pretty much every single holiday one can think of with just enough action to keep things from getting too sugary sweet. Extra kudos for including some rather obscure characters.One thing, though. It is most definitely NOT worth the exorbitant cover price. The least they could have done was print it as a proper softcover if they were going to make readers fork over so much money.

  • John Yelverton
    2019-06-25 19:12

    I typically, really enjoy these specials because they remind me of the old "Action Comics Weekly" or "World's Finest". This particular special ranges from good to not so good, so I'd only recommend it if you're a fan of this type of storytelling as I am.

  • Patrick
    2019-06-27 19:06

    I enjoyed most, if not all the short stories. There may be one or two I didn't love, but overall I think this was great. Lots of fun, and I applaud DC for doing it. Just pure fun for the fans. I received an advanced copy of this from and the publisher

  • LQ (to the max!)
    2019-06-22 19:57

    Harley Quinn again? I think she must be DC's favourite character. She seems to be in everything! This book is a collection of "Christmas" stories, some ok, some not so much. I bought this on a whim, then found out it was hard to come by.

  • John
    2019-07-02 22:55

    Harley takes us on a very Super-hero themed Christmas in which all the DC stalwarts are involved.

  • Iris Nevers
    2019-07-21 19:07